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American White Shepherd

American White Shepherd Dog Breed

Breed: American White Shepherd
Alphabetically: A
Country of Origin: United States, Canada and Europe
Color: White
Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
Height: 60-65 cm
Weight: 35-40 kg
Litter Size: 1-10 puppies
Hypoallergenic: No
Ad ID: 325
The American White Shepherd looks almost exactly like a German Shepherd except for the color. It has a stiff, longhaired coat.

The longhaired types do not have an undercoat. The color is always white. White Shepherds are courageous, keen, alert and fearless. They are cheerful, obedient and eager to learn.

Tranquil, confident, serious and clever, White Shepherds are extremely faithful and brave. They will not think twice about giving their lives for their human pack. They have a high learning ability.

White Shepherds love to be close to their families, but can be wary of strangers. This breed needs its people and should not be left isolated for long periods of time.

They only bark when they feel it is necessary. Often used as police dogs, the White Shepherd has a very strong protective instinct, and is extremely loyal to its handler.

Health Problems: Some of the diseases that have been found in this breed are hip and elbow dysplasia (be sure both parents have their hips certified as OFA good); malabsorbtion syndrome; degenerative joint disease (including osteochondritis); megaesophagus; pannus and other forms of eye disease (not commonly seen); bloat; allergies (food, fleas or airborne); other skin or coat problems and missing teeth. Some lines of Whites are having problems with illnesses such as Lupus and/or other forms of autoimmune diseases, as well as Congenital Spinal Disease.
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