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Canaan Dog

Canaan Dog Breed United States

Alphabetically: C
Breed: Canaan Dog
Country: All
Region: All
City: All
Country of Origin: Israel
Color: Black, Golden, Red, Cream, Liver, Tan
Life Expectancy: 13-15 years
Height: Female: 48-58 cm, Male: 51-61 cm
Weight: Female: 16-20 kg, Male: 20-25 kg
Litter Size: 3-6 puppies
Hypoallergenic: No
Ad ID: 362
The Canaan Dog is a very clean breed with no doggie odor. It is easy to groom. Comb and brush once a week, taking extra care when the dog is shedding.

This breed is a seasonally heavy shedder. The Canaan Dog is medium-sized and squarely proportioned. The head is wedge-shaped with a shallow, but defined stop. The muzzle is the same size or slightly longer than the skull and tapered.

The nose is varying shades of liver depending on the coat color. The teeth meet in a scissors bite; a level bite is accepted in the FCI standard but not the AKC. The almond-shaped eyes are slightly slanted and come in shades of hazel.

The eye rims are varying shades of liver depending on the coat color. The ears are erect and mobile. The neck is well arched. The legs are straight. The tail is set high and may be carried over the back when the dog is excited.

The cat-like feet have hard pads. Dewclaws may be removed. The Canaan Dog has a double coat. The outer coat is harsh, lying flat with a slight rough and the undercoat is straight and soft, lying flat.

Coat colors include solid black, tan, brown, sandy, red, liver, white, or in a patched pattern of liver and white, brown and white, black and white, with a symmetrical mask matching the color of its patches.

Temperament: Vigilant, Devoted, Alert, Cautious, Quick, Intelligent

Health Problems: Generally healthy.
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