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Karakachan Dog (Bulgarian Shepherd)

Karakachan Dog (Bulgarian Shepherd) Dog Breed

Breed: Karakachan
Alphabetically: K
Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Color: Tri-color, Bi-color
Life Expectancy: 12-15 years
Height: Male: 63-75 cm, Female: 60-69 cm
Weight: Male: 40-55 kg, Female: 30-45 kg
Litter Size: 5-11 puppies
Hypoallergenic: No
Ad ID: 172
Ancestors of the Bulgarian Shepherd Dogs are the dogs of Central Asia - Afghanistan and Iran area; it is there where the migration process of the ancient Bulgarians began.

These dogs are very similar to dogs found in the land of the Balkan Peninsula, which are in the group of the Molossoides. Today the dogs possess the typical makeup characteristics of today Bulgarian Shepherd Dog.

The Bulgarian Shepherd dog is an independent working guard dog. When it is used as such and on the job, aggressiveness is not strongly expressed, but at the same time the dogs are reserved in their attitude toward strangers and demonstrate distance by warning growling and eventual attack. Toward predatory animals (often even toward dogs) aggressiveness increases.

The Bulgarian Shepherd Dog is alert, easily adapted to the environment, adequately reacting in situations in which it is involved. Toward its master or handler it demonstrates devotion and fidelity.

Its basic sensuousness via sense of smell, hearing and sight is very well developed. Usually tolerant to the children they have been raised with, they love and bond with all people and children within their own family.

Those bred and raised to work cannot be pulled from their jobs on the weekends and make good home companions who will lie on the sofa all day, go for walks in the noisy town among people and cars, and run joyfully in parks together with other dogs, and returned to work after the weekend is over. If they are going to be raised to work as flock guards that is what they will be.

The BSD is a true working dog with great working characteristics, combined with stabilized exterior appearance. This dog defends pets, guards the farm, and looks for his master and family's safety.

For centuries this dog was bred as an independent guarder who makes his own decisions out in the field. If the dog feels he is protecting his property, it is difficult to predict whether or not he will attack. This is a serious guard dog, very loyal to his owners.

Bulgarian Shepherd Dogs will keep themselves in distance of strangers. They growl and bark. If the person infringes their perimeter dogs will bite him.

Temperament: Intelligent, Vigilant, Proud, Independent, Brave, Dominant

Health Problems: N

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