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Norwich Terrier Dog Breed

Breed: Norwich Terrier
Alphabetically: N
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Color: Black & Tan, Red, Tan, Wheaten, Grizzle
Life Expectancy: 12-14 years
Height: 10 inches (25 cm)
Weight: 10-12 pounds (4.5-5.5 kg)
Litter Size: 1-3 puppies
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Ad ID: 144
Developed in East Anglia, England, the Norfolk and Norwich Terriers used to be the same breed with two different ear types; both were referred to as the Norwich Terrier.

The English were the first to separate them in 1964. In 1979 the AKC officially deemed them as separate breeds, the Norwich having small perked ears and the Norfolk with dropped ears.

Another slight difference is the Norfolks are angular in shape and the Norwich Terriers are more round. The dogs were used as barnyard ratters and to bolt foxes that had gone to ground during a fox hunt.

Their small size allowed them to get in and out of fox dens easily.

The Norwich Terrier is a short, sturdy, strong, little dog. The head is slightly rounded and wide, with a good amount of space between the ears. The wedge-shaped muzzle is strong, with a well-defined stop. The small, oval shaped eyes are dark in color.

The medium sized ears stand erect. The legs are straight and the feet are round with black toenails. The medium sized tail is set high, level with the topline and is usually docked by half. Note: it is illegal to dock tails in most of Europe.

The wiry, straight coat is about one and a half to two inches long. Coat colors include red, wheaten, tan, black and tan, or grizzle with or without dark points and occasionally with white markings.

Temperament: Affectionate, Intelligent, Energetic, Hardy, Sensitive

Health Problems: Some lines are prone to back problems and genetic eye diseases, but are generally healthy.

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